Louie & Harry


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If you would like us to write a note for you and send this as a gift please leave the text you would like in the note box on the check out page labeled special instructions. 

Featuring a dark silver chain our silver wrist pendant is our premier piece for the fellas. It holds a masculine mood without giving away the love tucked inside. 

Our gold variant is a great option for guys and girls. Dress it up or wear it casually.

What to write and tuck inside:

  • The name of that song he always sings
  • How much you love that little wink he gives
  • Her nickname in your handwriting

Each pendant comes with small papers (think fortune cookie size) that can be changed out with a new message as you wish. 

Simply write your favorite quote, word, or message.

Roll the scroll and tuck it inside the pendant.

Measures: 7-9"